Preschool Lesson: God Made Me

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On August 23, 2015 I taught a preschool lesson with a Co teacher about “God Made Me.” I volunteer at Eagles Landing First Baptist Church in McDonough. During the lesson I read the story God Made You. We also read a scripture from a kids Bible the scripture was Psalm 139:13-14. The lesson lasted for two hours. After reading, I would ask the toddlers questions from the book. For example, who made you? And are you loved by God? After reading we would have song time and then craft time. Ways that I was actively engaged was by creating the lesson for that day. My church has a preschool curriculum for the teachers to go by. My Co teacher and I would take turns with planning a lesson. We worked collaboratively to teach students. While I would teach my Co teacher would keep the students focused on me reading the book and doing the activity. As a teacher, I could incorporate school service learning by offering it as extra credit for students. I could also have service learning as an opportunity for a field trip for the students. Students will be having fun because they are not in the classroom, but they will also be giving back to the community at the same time. For my English Language Arts Content, my students could read to the elementary school kids in their library. This lesson showed how working collaboratively …show more content…
The toddlers became excited when it was time to walk down the hallways so the rule I taught them was to whisper and walk in a single file line. Before we left every room I would tell them the same rule. Once we made our rounds we came back and read the story. The students were then instructed to draw their family at the end of the lesson. I would talk to each student about their family and ask them questions about their lives. To finish the lesson we watched a movie. The students were excited and engaged because the topic was something they were familiar

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