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Soccer season starts soon for my girls, and they each will move up a level, which means they need to master more challenging skills. My older daughter feels excited about the opportunity, but my younger daughter is convinced she’ll have a terrible season. To encourage her to embrace a positive mindset toward this and all of life’s challenge, I’m trying 10 positively playful strategies that can help her and your kids or students foster a positive attitude.
1. Try New Activities
Although my daughter resists learning new soccer skills, her confidence, outlook, and attitude will improve as she tries new activities and succeeds. If your child truly can’t get over their negative outlook and embrace new opportunities, learn a new game, take a cooking
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Choose a service project that’s fun for the entire family, like babysitting for a single parent or cleaning up the park. By helping others, our kids begin to think more positively about themselves and life.
7. Repeat Positive Affirmations
The words our kids say to themselves can change their negative self-talk and promote positive thinking. I created a song for my daughter that repeats statements like, “I do my best, I achieve my goals, I am a strong kicker.” Do the same for your kids. In time, they will internalize these affirmations and begin to think more positively.
8. Focus on Solutions
Every challenge, no matter how difficult, has a solution. I remind my daughter to look for ways she can overcome her fears and view the soccer season in a positive way. So far, she has decided to try her best and start training now, and I’m proud of her for moving past the problem and seeking a positive outcome.
9. Think Loving and Kind Thoughts
Thinking kindly about others can give our kids a more positive outlook on life. Here’s an example meditation we say to our family members, friends, and classmates. “May you feel happy, healthy, safe, and at ease.” I’ve already seen my daughter begin to think more positively about her challenges as she repeats this meditation.
10. Model

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