My Definition Of Faith

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Faith by definition is, “Complete trust or confidence in something or someone” but I believe it is a feeling, It is something that I know to be true. If you truly believe in something no one can convince you that your belief is in vain. This also implies that you need to follow through with that belief and live it out every day. Something you believe in is incorporated into your daily life and is apart of who you are. If you are not implementing it in your life you are missing the mark and do not truly have faith in your belief. As a Christian much of my life and my identity is rooted in my belief of my faith.
Most of my beliefs come from my parents and other family members believing in the Christian faith. Now that I have become more of my
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By striving to live like Jesus did I have a unique perspective as a High-School student, especially in the current day and age. My faith has been tested many times, but the one time I remember specifically was when, I was simply walking through the mall. On this particular day I had on a jean vest, on that on the back of the vest there was a patch with a cross on it. As I said I was walking along, minding my own business when a girl passed me looked back and told me, “I like your back patch but you should turn it upside down.” Her comment really shocked me that someone would say something so offensive without having any knowledge of who I am or why I wore a cross on my back. In some cases an upside down cross represents martyrdom it is a simple of St.Peter requesting to be killed on an upside down cross because he felt unworthy to die in the same manner as Jesus Christ. However, this girl intended her comment in a different sense. An upside down cross can often be viewed as a Satanism symbol and is commonly used to mock Jesus death and promote Satanism, the belief in Satan. After hearing what she said I had a choice to make. I could lash out at her and make a rude comment back at her, or blow up about how offensive her comment was. Instead It made me think, and reflect on Christian teachings. …show more content…
This struggle comes from having to often times make an unpopular decision. Knowing that I am not going to bully someone or standing up when I believe what is being done conflicts with my Christian identity. I have chosen this way to guide my life because it has overall made my life better. I feel this way of life has bettered my outlook on the world and its people, it has made me deal with difficult situations better. for example, while I was at work one day a middle aged man in his 30s-40s came in the store looking a bit on the dirty side with long hair, he looked like your typical homeless man looking to use the bathroom, our district of starbucks have made a new rule that we need to write the bathroom password down for everyone, and before we can give them the password they need to make a purchase. Some people aren’t very on board with this idea, especially this particular middle aged man. As the man wobbled into the store looking like a mixture of angry and sleepy he came up to the cash register and asked (in a slurred voice) “can i use the bathroom.” I answered with a calm and collected voice

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