Reflection Paper

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Jordan, “I learned that there is a time to listen, and a time to speak. Not everyone is open about their struggles, and that’s ok. It’s a process for each of us. Sometimes we need to see the courage and boldness of another individual, confessing his sins and struggles, to feel comfortable sharing our lives with one another. It can be hard to trust someone you don’t know well with your heart. I think it is so important to be ready to hear someone when they are sharing their heart, and to rely on the spirit to help us respond to them. Sometimes there is not an easy answer to someone’s struggles and sometimes our friends just need someone to hear them and be there with them. Not try to fix their problems, or tell them they are messing up, but …show more content…
Not to judge someone before you know him or her. Everyone is going through struggles, so being kind to our friends or even strangers can impact their lives in ways we don’t know. That prayer needs to be more of a discussion with God than anything else, and that it can be beneficial any place any time in different ways. We all learned that we should pray more and not get into ruts with what we pray and how we pray and with whom we pray. Damontez, “I can apply what I learned from this project in my everyday life. I learned how to come together as complete strangers but men of Christ and pray for one another. This will allow me to grow spiritually. Being more open will also allow me to grow spiritually because when I’m open with God and other Christians about the struggles I have faced, it will make me feel better. As I open my heart to the Lord I will grow with Christ and be able to have great conversations with him.” Jacob, “I can apply this to my life by seeing the importance of prayer and small group fellowship. Prayer should be a daily part of my life and this has helped me grow and see the importance of prayer and also small group fellowship. I feel like I have a lot of things that I forget to include God in by accident and this can be a problem. I need to depend on God and just pray to him all the time like it says in 1 Thess. 5:17 “Pray without ceasing” and ceasing means without

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