Reflection Paper On The Digital Project

960 Words Apr 26th, 2016 4 Pages
I would be eager to see digital projects submitted for Project 2. I’m sure those who fulfilled the requirements through a project had to think deeply about their content in order to present their findings through a creative digital project. I chose to write a paper because I will be taking the Lit Review class this summer, and I need to practice writing to prepare for that class and the dissertation.
I had a transformative learning experience as a result of working through this paper. When I first encountered the idea of assessing mindsets in the Future Ready document, I was shocked and even a little upset. I wondered how a major policy document could call for assessing mindsets and other personal qualities/non-cognitive competencies when we hardly teach them in the classroom. I would have just been content to dismiss this recommendation, even dismiss the policy document itself, had I not had the opportunity to explore the issue through writing for this assignment: I ended up taking quite a journey to find the answer to my question.
The key research finding for me was the Herman et al. paper, published in 1990, describing the benefits of testing. This paper helped me understand that mandates for testing have led to new and higher expectations for student learning outcomes. This is powerful! This is when I began to see the wisdom of calling for assessing non-cognitive competencies by the Office of Education Technology. This is when I understood that policy is what makes the…

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