Reflection Paper On Reflective Writing

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Reflective Narrative There is an old teacher adage passed around to inspire the right kind of instruction: A teacher shows students where to look, but not what to see. I am not sure I was ever shown where to look, so it is no wonder it has taken me so long to see…. I really feel that I was not ever formally taught writing. I am from a family of teachers (my father was an English instructor), we always read, writing and expression was encouraged, and a family member was always willing to edit a draft. I think this made me go pretty far on talent and circumstance alone. I knew some big words and how to be detailed… so, I never really got much feedback – maybe spelling and grammar feedback here or there, but never instruction on rhetorical strategies. Now that I am presented with great techniques to pass on to my students, I feel a bit cheated. My teachers were plenty inspirational and maybe they were busy with peers of mine that were truly struggling, but I want to deliver a different, more complete, experience to my students.
Personal View of Writing
I view writing as the art and science of communicating. I think writing is an art because of its ability to be beautiful, complex, and majestic. On the
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I imagine that I can do anything from hold my reader’s hand to open new doors for them to explore. The trick is making sure I do whichever of those things I set out to do. My high school creative writing teacher gave me a lasting piece of advice, “Once you give your writing to the audience, it is no longer yours.” I constantly think about what my audience will have once I give them my writing, mostly because I never get to make that writing mine again. I want them to end up with the message I intend and/or be free to think about the things I choose to leave implicit or open. We are all dreamers in some way, but writing can let us turn our thoughts in to waking dreams when we share these ideas with

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