Reflection Paper On Organizational Behavior

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Thesis Statement/Introduction: Organization Behavior is an important class for any individual who plans on working for a living because it helps people prepare to deal with different situations that may arise while working for an organization.
Competency #1 Personal Understanding:
A: Strengths and Weaknesses When I took the Person-Environment Fit test, I received the highest score for Person Team Fit. Person team fit means I am looking to work for an organization where my personality matches with the culture of that organization (Iranon, 2016). I believe this is a strength because when I am looking for an organization to potentially work for, I will look for an organization that will match my personality. Therefore, I will be a happier
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Strengths and Weaknesses Based off my testing results from Cultural Intelligence, I scored the highest for CQ-Strategy. I strategize not just with people from a different culture but with everyone I interact with. When I am intermingling with someone, I will try to get a read on the person. I then adapt what I say and how I act around that person. I find this as a strength because I usually get along with everyone. I believe this will benefit me in the workplace because I do not get into many altercations with people. Businesses tend to run smoother when there is not as much conflict. Even though I am good with interacting with people and do not get into many of conflicts. As a result, I am not as prepared when I am dealing with interpersonal conflicts. When I deal with conflict, I tend to be accommodating or avoid interpersonal conflicts in general. I believe the way I manage conflict is a weakness because someone may take advantage of me for being so accommodating. I also believe conflict can be beneficial and can actually help the organization. For example, conflict can actually improve employee relationships and engages the employees (Arthur). If two employees do not get along and they can discuss their differences, as a result, the employees’ relationship will get …show more content…
I tend to get along with everyone I meet. However, there have been times where I have not gotten along with certain individuals. For example, for my first job, I had an interpersonal conflict with one of my co-workers. For whatever reason, she did not like me. Instead of confronting her and asking her why she did not like me, I tried to avoid her, and only interact with her when I had to. I eventually found out the reason she did not like me was because I did not paint a portion of the building that was higher up, leaving her to do it. She was afraid of heights and did not communicate that with me. Had I not been afraid of confronting her, it would have been an easy problem to solve and would have made my experience working there easier. She could have mentioned to me that she was afraid of heights. Therefore, I would have been more than willing to lend a hand and this conflict would never have existed in the first place.
C. Recommendations I would recommend that I should not be afraid of conflict because I will be challenged with conflicts throughout my career. Conflict is not always a bad thing and could actually be beneficial for the company. I need to be willing to get out of my comfort zone and be willing to try one of the other solutions to dealing with conflict. Whether that involves comprising with the individual, collaborating, or even competing against that individual. Communication

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