Reflection Paper On Myself

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Do I really know myself? Do I really over value or under value myself? Am I true to myself? Or do I pretend to be someone I’m not? I ask myself all these questions every day. Who is Eva? I wonder. Once again, I have taken on the challenge with this class to find out who I am, and how the most important people in my life see me through their eyes. This assignment helped me figure out how should I see myself and how should I carry out myself in the future.
Through this assignment, I have been able to learn a few things about myself that I wouldn’t have known in the past. Through the Jung Typology Test, I found out that I’m 6% extrovert, 19% sense, 31% feeling, and 12% judging. I found these results rather shocking because I always saw myself
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According to the test, my interest code is SEC. What this code means is that I’m more a social, enterprising, and conventional. Ever since I started coming to school I started doubting my major and whether it was the right path to take. Through the results of this test I learned that I’m meant to be in business the description the test results provide is that enterprising people “like to work with others and enjoy persuading and performing.” It seems that I’m also a very detailed oriented, organized, and like to work with data. As well as I can be good at mechanical or athletic jobs. This test is very interesting cause it allowed me to realize whether I was taking the right path to my …show more content…
I think this test was the most detailed of them all. With this test, I was asked what I think are my strengths and what I think are my weaknesses. I think it’s very important to know not only my strengths but my weaknesses as well because I’m not perfect. I like seeing and learning about new things I can improve on every day and become a better person. The test was divided into 4 categories. In each category, I received a score. For strengths under Expressive, I scored a 6, Driver 5, Analytical 5, and Amiable 4. For weaknesses Under Expressive, I scored a 6, Driver 4, Analytical 5, and Amiable 5. The chart of comparison shows that I’m pretty much balanced between the four, but I see more of a skewness towards expressive. I’m more of an open emotion as well as being very assertive. I think this is pretty accurate, because I see myself as a person that shows confidence and forceful personality, but even though I show a lot of confidence I tend to be a very understanding and emotional person. I noticed that through the results of this test that I show confidence even through the hard times. I don’t like people knowing what I might be going through. Even though that doesn’t seem like a problem at times. I tend to bottle up all my feelings and opinions and end up blowing up causing me stress and sometimes small depressions. I’ve been trying very hard to be more open and let people in so they can help me and guide me through any

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