Weekly Self Reflection Paper

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Weekly Self S.O.A.P - A.
S- Discuss your SUBJECTIVE feelings for this week:
I rather enjoyed myself this week. It was nice to take a break from med surg and shadow a team leader for a few hours. I observed how the ICU team leader, Kalang handled the stress of understaff nursing and seeing how she organized the day’s schedule. I observed the meeting in the morning with all management from the units to see how they were handling staffing issues and what they could do to help when one unit has difficulties.
I liked how the team leader on units 1600 and 1700 handled herself. Kim was very efficient and yet responded to her team members with a pleasant attitude. She was very considerate with staffing and brought snacks, knowing the staff has very little time to eat when there is minimal staff to cover for breaks.
O - Discuss an OBJECTIVE summary of interventions and
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I admired her calm and collect attitude during that time. I also observed Kim in the 1600 and 1700 units and how she accessed each patient and rated their acuity level. I assigned each student a nurse and checked on a few of them throughout the day. I conducted a study on how SBAR reporting was being handled and discussed ways to improve. I implemented a game to use critical thinking skills to have students identify diseases or disorders based on assessments and or labs.
P - Discuss your PLAN for improvement, change, new challenges etc.
My plan for improvement is to be more aware of how I come across to other people. I know I need to improve on my interpersonal communication skills. My body language can portray a wrong message and I need to be more self-aware with that. I need to ask my team members feedback on how I am coming across. I need to stop crossing my arms and I will ask my team members to remind me when I do that.
A – Discuss what you learned in theory this week APPLIES to your patient

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