Reflection Paper On Friday Was Special

1772 Words Jul 22nd, 2016 null Page
Jakiyah...I would be able to see & feel when you didn 't want to be with me. I could feel the unhappiness or awkwardness in between us. I knew that you didn 't like kissing me even when you texted me , you felt love but in reality felt nothing. Touching me was another Obstacle for you , I know you didn 't want to do anything physical. That 's why that Friday was special to me because you were actually getting close with me. If you forced yourself to get close to me well I 'm sorry for making you feel that you needed to get close to make me happy. Because we both know you did many things to not hurt my feelings or to make me shut up or to just make me happy. Such as those paragraphs you sent me that you felt happy in. To be honest you should of told me how you felt and what you wanted and you should of said anything no matter if it would hurt my feelings. Cause Jakiyah words are meant to hurt one another but they let that person learn and change from those words. Anything you had to say was important to me Any opinion was very important. But you would throw those opinions because you felt they didn 't matter or just didn 't care anymore. I guess that 's why you began to loose interest in me. You came into this relationship full of love and Opinions and more. But that soon began to fade away as you came a very bored Of me. I just hope that in you 're next relationships or what ever you have , you tell that person anything on your mind. To not let them wonder months later "…

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