Reflective Essay On Class Of 2020

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Class of 2020, The transition from high school to college may be difficult for some college students. The struggles of living alone, cleaning up after yourself, and staying on top of school work and studying can be challenging. Over time the transition does get easier. Staying on top of school work and studying in advance does pay off. Throughout my first semester of college, I realized that I had a lot of extra time on my hands, so I decide to get involved in campus life. I joined the Kappa Delta sorority and I am on the committee for Relay for Life. These organizations have helped me make friends that I can count on. Joining a sorority is one of the best decisions I have made this semester. Being in Kappa Delta made me realize that there …show more content…
Mostly we were just cordial to each other. I was worried going into fall that I would have the same problem with my new roommates. But luckily, I was wrong. Even though we are all super busy with our own schedules, we all manage to have girl movie nights once a week or every other week. We plan on taking a couple classes together next semester. This semester, my roommate Bailey and I took The University Transitions together and learned so much about adjusting to college together. What I took from The University Transitions class was the time management skills. It helped me the most with trying to incorporate going to class, homework, studying, and working out into my schedule. My agenda has become my best friend. The most important thing I learned from The University Transitions class is to stay on top of all your work. At the beginning of the semester we were assigned the Cultural Activity project that was due around the end of the semester. The Cultural Activity project was when we had to go to different events around campus and write about our experiences. It is best to not wait until the last minute to go to events around campus. It was actually one of my favorite projects that helped me get involved and feel

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