Playground Child Observation Report

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Playground Kids To better understand toddlers’ development, I chose to observe two young children, a boy and a girl around the same ages. Ryker, who is two years old boy, and Athena, who is one and a half years of age girl, and along with Athena’s mother and Ryker’s aunty. I wanted to observe the two children around the same age being of different sexes because I wanted to see how they would play together, I also wanted to see what I can learn from them both. In this paper, I want to discuss who Ryker and Athena are. Then I want to talk about I will describe what I observed when I watched the two kids at the playground. Next I will talk about my theoretical impressions that came from the book. Finally, the concluding with my personal reflection …show more content…
Athena was a very busy girl and adventurous and Ryker was a shy and wanting to be alone most of the time. Athena always trying to go the harder way up the playground and she falls a lot. Ryker staying on the ground playing with the tanbark. According to (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2013) “in the text by 18 months, a baby can walk, are beginning to run, their movements are still awkward and results in frequent falls”. This is true because every time Athena ran she would fall on her face and stand right back up. And the text also says “It is normal for them to be aware of other children and even enjoy having them around: however, they don’t play with other children” this is understanding when Athena wanted to play by herself most of the time and this goes with Ryker too. For Ryker, per the text (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2013) two-year-old are likely to play with small objects.” When I seen Ryker play with the tanbark more than anything else.
Personal Reflection I had a great time watching these kids, I forgot how much fun it was to be a child again. Playing without any care in the world and seeing them do their own thing. I loved how Athena was so adventurous and always trying to do things on her own. Ryker was so cute being all shy and he will be a great man when he gets older, listening to his mother and always wanting to be by her. I found that this observation helped me understand more about toddler development then just reading in the books. I am grateful that Andrea and Stephanie let me observer their children for this

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