Reflection Paper About Clouds

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Week One I will be completing my observation at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, we are an inner city school that falls under title1 accommodations; meaning more that 90% of our students go for title 1 services. We also provide free lunch program for the entire school body. The majority of the students come from low income homes. The population of the school is of Hispanic descent, a big portion of the students being first generation Dominican. O.L.Q.M is an extremely warm environment for the students, every morning they are greeted by the principal, he asked them about their day, and how they are doing. If a child needs anything he is the first person to help them. This culture runs throughout the school, from the staff, to the teachers. Despite …show more content…
I was shocked to find out how little the children knew about clouds. Mrs. Ramsey focused on the whole group approach, she give them definitions, names, ideas, and reasons. During the lesson Mrs. Ramsey saw that a majority of the students were struggling understanding the concept. She immediately stopped the lesson and brought a diagram up to show the students. After that we took a trip to the backyard were students look at the clouds and developed the concept of the clouds they were looking at. During the lesson I saw many skills being addressed at one time. First the students were provided with the vocabulary needed to understand the concept of different types of clouds. They were given a model and a breakdown of the model, along with real life connection. Students worked in groups using the vocabulary they had to formulate their understanding of clouds. The students used the vocabulary give to them to develop that understanding, and through and through questioning the teacher was able to see if her students truly understood what she was trying to teach them. She provided different learning styles, made connections to the words they needed to learn, and gave feedback to what the students were providing her …show more content…
The students don’t walk in with this advanced science vocabulary, a lot of times they say exactly what they see. For example during today’s lesson a student answered a question, “the spinning thing makes the hole in the wall”, and this child was just describing what he saw. It wasn’t until the teacher gave the vocabulary words was he able to go back to his original statement and edit his statement.
I also heard the conversation in the beginning of the class less academically driven, one child said,” the clouds are white like cotton.” It took the teacher at least 10 minutes to get them to understand the vocabulary; she had to remind them as they were talking the correct words to use. But creating this vocabulary rich room the students were constantly reminded about the words needed, shortly the teacher no longer need to remind the students they were doing it to each other. One girl said, the gray rain clouds,” she was quickly corrected by her partner how said, “You mean Cumulonimbus”. The growth of vocabulary throughout the class came from many different areas. First the teacher providing the vocabulary need, she developed the understanding by readings, videos, and reminders. Students also played a part in creating a understanding through peer

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