Essay on Reflection On The 's Eyes

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Someone needs to explain the process of breathing to me.

Arsen 's lips brushing against the sensitive areas of my neck sets my nerves on fire. My heart drums against my ribs and all I can do is keep my eyes shut tightly. I don 't know why he pushed my head into his neck, especially when the principal hovers nearby. Arsen starts making guttural sounds, which further adds to my embarrassment. I try to push him away, however he grasps my shoulders tightly and his teeth gently but firmly bite down on my skin.

I gasp in surprise.

I wasn 't serious when I said I wanted to know how it felt to kiss him when he was conscious.

"Both of you, this is my first and last warning to you! No more PDA!" The principal rushes past us and pretends he 's noticed nothing peculiar. He must be used to Arsen pulling stunts like these.

I shove Arsen away from me and my neck. He has no idea how much this intimacy affects me.

Arsen 's eyes dance back and forth between my neck and my face. Frowning, I twist my shoulder forward and almost have a heart attack.

"You gave me a hickey?!" I can 't believe it. Quickly pulling out my phone, I make sure my eyes haven 't deceived me. "What the heck was it for?!"

He wipes his lips swiftly. "I saved you from getting a detention and honored you with my--"

"Hickey!" The word feels so foreign.

"Get over it," he says smoothly. "You 're neither the first nor the last."

"Hickey," I repeat in a trance.

"You can hardly even see it," he mutters. I glare at him,…

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