The Importance Of Choices In Edward Bloor's Tangerine

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People should be lucky that they have PERFECT eyesight. Sometimes we don’t realize that. The novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor is about Paul Fisher who moved to Tangerine, Florida. He is trying to discover the mystery of losing his peripheral vision. He goes on a journey through his life to find the actual truth about his eyesight and the information that his parents have been hiding from him for too long. This subject is about how people’s choices can have an impact on others. I think that Mom had the biggest overall impact on Paul.One reason is that, Mom filled out the IEP form. Secondly, Mom “lost” the IEP form. Lastly, Mom decided to lie to Paul. First of all, Mom chose to fill out the IEP form for Paul. On page 27, it states, “Mrs. Fisher, …show more content…
On page 265, it states “ Did you know what happened ( Paul ).” “Yes ( Mom ).” Mom’s choice impacts Paul by changing his attitude towards himself and others. This is important because Paul used to hate himself and think of himself as an outcast and imperfect because of not knowing about his eyesight. Now that he knows the truth about his eyesight, he feels as if he accomplished his mission in figuring out his eyesight and never knew that his parents had been hiding the truth from him changing his attitude towards his parents. He also feels that they knew all about Erik, and that Erik is bad.I think this because on page 263-64, it states, “ I remembered Erik’s fingers prying my eyelids open while Vincent Castor sprayed white paint into them.” I learned that people’s choices affect others by changing their attitude towards themselves and others. Overall, Mom’s choices had the biggest impact on Paul. I think this because Mom helped Paul find the truth and run into the lies. To find the answer and the consequence, find courage and bravery and learn how to speak up and be bold. She also helped solve his biggest mystery, his EYESIGHT. People’s choices have different consequences on others, they make people feel comfortable or uncomfortable in their environment, or change their attitudes towards themselves and others. Choices impact people’s lives in BIG

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