Reflection On Moral Values

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Self-Reflection Moral values are why a person is drawn to do good or evil by their definition of what good and evil is. Your moral values are established by the environment you grew up in, your current circumstances, and outside influences such as, friends, media, and even religion. Everyone in the world has a different definition of what moral values are. Adolf Hitler had a complete different set of values after doing what he did to the Jews in my eyes, but in his eyes he was doing it for the safety of Germany. Normally, killing millions of people is frowned upon, but in the eyes of the ones killing the millions it is morally justified. The only reason I said normally is because normally people do not have the ability to kill millions …show more content…
My third most valued moral principle is having respect for other. This moral is arguable in philosophy because morally just to me is not morally just to other. If you use this moral, then I would need to respect every living organism. I wouldn’t say my whole life I have treated every living organism with high regards, I have tried being a vegan out of respect to other living animals. I have taken a lot of organism for granted though. He claims that some animals are smarter than some babies and some people with disabilities. If we should all be treated the same though this shouldn’t be an argument. For example, society claims all people are the same, but a constant conversation is how African-Americans are treated. That because society really knows that we are all treated differently from religious backgrounds, ethnicities, even social class. I understand what Singer was saying, humans can be more morally ethical on how we obtain our food, but based on human and non-human survival instinct we eat each other. In the end as human beings, if we decided to treat wild animals as we treat domesticated animals, the world may be different. As I stated before I tried being a vegan for a month, I had much more energy without eating meat. I required less sleep when I was in that vegan stage. I could probably live like that for a lifetime if I had my own home. On campus, the fruit cups cost more than burger and fries combined. It is hard to live a vegan lifestyle when the things that are grown from the earth cost more than the things walking the earth. In America, we would rather spend our money on fast foods because we live faster lifestyles compared to other

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