Personal Group Reflection

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1) Although this is a bit more personal for me, yes I have participated in a therapeutic group. The experience was actually wonderful. I felt less alone with my issues and was able to feel accepted after revealing uncomfortable thoughts and feeling. The process helped me express myself with less fear of rejection. It taught me the importance of a group leader and structure when a handful of people get together and express issues. There were a few times opinions clashed and people tried to interrupt, but the leader/s always took control of the sticky situations. Listening and keeping an open heart/mind is also important because everyone has experienced various adversities in life. I was gifted by this experience, since I learned I was not alone …show more content…
I like the idea of clients being actively involved with helping others in the group and getting to know each other. I think it is excellent for clients struggling with socializing and opening up to others. I think my goals would be to eventually improve interpersonal skills and increase courage to open up with others. Taking off personal masks is very scary and by slowly revealing one’s true self in a supportive setting is a great tool for improvement.
4) I wouldn’t start a group until I have been established for a while and until I had clients that I felt would greatly benefit from group therapy. I would discuss the idea with a supervisor and coworkers first to ensure their professional approval and to see if they had any clients that may benefit from group therapy as well. I would then discuss it with my clients to establish a group of willing participants and establish a time that works with their
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The reason for this is that when I feel someone else’s anxiety it can sometimes exasperate my anxiety. This would be a disaster for group leaders.
8) I would be worried about any of the clients offending another client participating in the group. If for some reason I could not control a group situation and it lead to horrible outcome I would be distraught. I would also worry about group members gossiping on social media about what someone said or having trouble respecting confidentiality. I think by selecting only appropriate clients for the groups and by discussing these possible issues even before the group’s first meeting could prevent these issues.
9) I would be worried about offensive comments (either purposeful or accidental) of an ethnocentric nature. To prevent this I would address this with the participant individually and as a group. I could even have pamphlets on the various cultures within the group to educate the clients about each culture comprised of the

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