Human Services Reflection

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In the field of Human Services it is important to become comfortable when you are working with clients that are culturally different than yourself. The agency I am working at IDEA there clientele base provides a wide range of diversity. Although I am mainly at the Brighton location, once a month I do hours in the Denver office. The majority of client’s I deal with at the agency are Mexican American; African American and European (White), Asian and a few clients that represent the LGBT community. My experience so far has been positive; the majority of clients are polite and receptive about receiving treatment. The clients I am working with are court ordered so occasionally we do have the disgruntled and not so receptive ones. Although I do not …show more content…
All of the therapists at the agency have welcomed me into their groups and are supportive of my participation and interaction with the clients. Whenever I have questions all the therapists are happy to give me suggestions and feedback on how I can improve on the techniques we use. All of the staff at the agency regardless of our differences whether it is our culture, age, or our experience in the field we all treat each other with the utmost respect and professionalism. There is only 1 therapist that I do a group with that does not already have Master’s degree, Doctorate, or a CAC III and they are still seeking training in other areas in this field. This show me that no matter what our level of education or the certifications we hold, in this field there is always room to expand our skills. At IDEA the demographics of all the therapist and staff are well covered. There is a good mixture of representation of male and female therapist as well. Therefore if there are clients that are not a good fit with one therapist culturally or do to their sexual makeup there is another therapist that is sure to suite them

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