Reflection Of The Teacher's Role In The Classroom And Learning Process

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Chapter 3 discusses the teacher’s role in the classroom and learning process. The book focuses on how the students can reflect and communicate in the classroom. In my opinion, reflection and communication are the keys to student success. I think it is important for students to reflect on mathematics in order to gain an understanding of not only how to problem-solve, but also understand why they are problem-solving and how it applies to everyday life. I also think that communication is important in the classroom. Communication allows students to explain to others how they problem-solve, as well as, it allows the teacher to assess how the student is performing in the classroom.
The chapter touched on key components to ensure success. For example, the chapter stated, “Teachers need to allow and promote students’ autonomy,” (Heibert, 2011). I could not agree with this statement more. Often times it is easy for classroom teachers to explain how to
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In my classroom, I like to review previously learned information prior to learning new topics. I think that this is especially important when working with struggling students because if the students do not understand previously learned information, they will fall further behind when learning new information. I also like to use discussions as a way to determine how students problem-solve. I think that classroom discussions are crucial to student learning because they engage students in the learning process. Discussions are also a great way for teachers to correct any misconceptions that the students may have.
Overall, I think that this chapter was very insightful. It provided a great deal of information on what the teacher’s role in the classroom should be. Teachers should set up a classroom where student opinions are welcome, but the students also know who has the authority of the

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