Van De Walle Video Analysis

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Video 1
In the first math video, Pritti Poole (a 2nd-year math instructor) gives a math lesson on 2D and 3D shapes where she asks students to think about, recognize and identify. During her lesson, she utilizes a form of whole brain teaching, where she tells the students to discuss 2D and 3D shapes with their peers. To enhance her instruction, she utilizes technology tools to engage students. She makes use of an interactive smart board, which displays activities for the students to see as she teaches the lesson. She also has each student use their own whiteboard to record answers to the questions she asked during her whole group lesson. One thing that I observed the teacher using was rehearsed transitions so that students automatically knew
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Ms. Jones takes the time to give the class clear expectations when the lesson begins as a way ensure that each student understands the objective of the day. The pupils are required to use their prior knowledge as a tool to understanding the lesson. This strategy is a proven method to be the most effective in starting a math lesson (Van De Walle, Karp, and Bay-Williams, 2016). During this lesson the teacher asks the students questions which help them to learn from the correct answers presented by their peers. Meanwhile the wrong answers provide Ms. Jones with the opportunity to know where her class needs additional help. This process is one way to ensure that the students comprehended what she is teaching before she moves on with the lesson. The class presents in a manner to indicate that they are fully engaged throughout the lesson. In order to encourage peer-to-peer interaction, the teacher allows the students to complete a guided practice assignment with their peers after she completes the lesson. Ms. Jones takes the independent practice time to walk around the class and allows her to guide the students that require extra attention. The lack of differentiated attention is a weakness I found in Ms. Jones class. However, a positive that I noticed in the fact that Ms. Jones gives an upbeat and positive tone of voice …show more content…
She takes the time to review previous lessons in order to activate her students’ prior knowledge. Throughout the lesson, Ms. Robertson, uses a conversational tone when addressing her students. At specific points, she asks her students to turn and talk with their partner about what they have learned in their math class engaging the students in a whole brain exercise. While she encourages her students to talk amongst themselves she makes sure that she is always in control of her class by counting down when she wants their attention. Using a smart board, she asks students to walk the class through what she taught in order to keep them participating for the entire class. As the lesson goes along, Ms. Robertson makes great use of her smart board to instruct by providing examples and guided practice for her students. This enhances the instruction for students and promotes greater success for learning (Van De Walle, Karp, and Bay-Williams,

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