Team Culture: Developing A Team Personality

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By developing a great program culture, we will reap a great team personality. The personality of any team will reflect the type of people involved and the principles valued. We will put high character individuals in an environment where winning principles are highly valued. We know that character recognizes and promotes character. We also know that highly motivated and highly competitive people thrive in an environment that prizes great values and rewards merit. The personality of our team will be a direct reflection of its leadership from top to bottom. Everything we do will be directed toward realizing the vision of this “Team Personality” and because of this our team will be a product of what we project on to
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We must and will show our players who they are at their best, and as coaches we will convince them that by being themselves, they can achieve greatness. The key to this approach is in how we help the kids see themselves. We let them know that we recognize their talent, toughness, competitiveness and unsurpassed work ethic. We show them examples when these traits express themselves. Like the rest of us, they believe in what they see. By projecting our vision for the personality of our team onto the players, we will become our vision. In short, we already are what we seek to become, we just need them to be all that they know they can be. If we can do this, we’ll be on our way to creating the personality of a winning team and it will be up to us as coaches to make this team into our …show more content…
By the very nature of the sport, the ability to physically overwhelm an opponent is necessary for success. In order to win battles we need people who are willing and able to physically whip an opponent. That is just that nature of the sport. We know that football is a demanding grind., especially at the college level. It takes tough individuals to sustain and maintain the ability to whip an opponent. Decisions and development within the program must contribute towards the making of a tough and physical football team. There are different types of toughness that come into play for the various positions and jobs in the program. We will need each person in our program, and on our team, to possess the toughness it takes to win at his job. We cannot sit back and wait for our opponent to suddenly inspire us to play smarter, tougher, harder football during a game, when that level of performance exists within us all prior to kickoff. Tough people are tough all the time, naturally. It is just who they are, and we want them in our

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