Reflection On Splat The Cat: Goodnight Sleep Tight

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I was able to teach a small group lesson at Garfield Elementary School on Wednesday March 21st. The 6 students in my small group were able to learn more about the long /i/ pattern, reinforce what they already knew, and addressed misconceptions they may have. The lesson I taught went very smoothly, and I do feel that almost all of these students achieved the intended learning target. Each student was able to share words that fit the pattern they heard in Splat the Cat: Goodnight Sleep Tight, both during the reading and after when we reviewed. This showed me that they understood the long /i/ pattern used within that story. I was also able to see if students understood what patterns were behind the long /i/ sound in each word within the word sort …show more content…
Students were eager to share what words they had found in the reading at the end of each page that fit the patterns. The students were also very engaged in the word sort at the end of the lesson, they were excited to show student they word, and place it in the correct jar. I had one student who I would say was just on-task and not actively engaged in the activity. He would participate, but not actively thinking about what he was doing. This was the one student who would purposely put his popsicle stick into the incorrect jar because it was funny, or put his thumb up during the reading, but not have a word to share at the end of the page. This student seemed more interested in getting reactions and giggles from fellow classmates than following along with my lesson. With prompting the student was able to stay on task, but I would not say he was fully engaged.
What barriers to learning existed? How could these be removed or changed if you were to teach the same lesson
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One of the most important things that I learned about myself as a teacher, is that I can plan and follow and carry out a lesson that I create. This lesson plan was a little stressful for me, because this was the first time that I had created a lesson that I would actually teach to a group of students. It was a great feeling to plan a lesson, coordinate all the details, and carry it out smoothly. It also has taught me that a lesson may not be ideal for each student in your group or class but reflecting on the lesson after can help you to make changes to your next lesson to further help those students.

What did you learn about your students? I was also able to get some insight into the students in my group during this lesson. The lesson went over very smoothly for five out of my six students, but I was able to learn some things about that sixth student to future lessons. One thing I learned is that it is helpful for him to be sitting by a teacher during a reading. He follows along much more closely and is more willing to participate if the teacher is directly next to him and cheering on his successes. He also wants to be the funny guy in class and will purposely act out just to get a laugh from the other students. I now have an understanding that sitting by a teacher is a motivator for him to stay focused on his work. I also know that I need to find other motivators for him to stay on task and not distract other students as

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