Reflection Of My Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

1184 Words Nov 5th, 2015 null Page
The purpose of this paper is to express my philosophy of nursing. I am the kind of person who loves to help other people; whether it is holding the door for someone, or giving advice to a friend going through a hard time, I feel the need to give the service that I have to others. This pursuit of wanting to help others is a large reason why I wish to practice nursing. Nursing combines many of the things that I love. Academically, I tend to do well in math and science classes. I am partially drawn to nursing because of the way those subjects are incorporated in the training process of becoming a nurse. Without a doubt, the most meaningful reason I wish to practice nursing is that I get to show love to others. Patients who come into a hospital, doctor’s office, or clinic are all looking for healing in one way or another. I cherish the fact that nurses are one of the first people who can help commence the healing process. Nurses not only help heal people’s bodies, but they also have the privilege of helping to heal people’s spirits. It is obvious that nurses help to heal people of any physical issues, but they also get to help people with what is going on inside. Getting to provide people with healing in many areas of their lives is what draws me to nursing. In regards to the areas of nursing, I am most interested in pediatric nursing. I love to work with kids and feel that many of my skills would be best applied in this field of nursing. Specifically, I would like to work as…

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