Reflection Of Linguilogy: How Are Things Going?

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Hello Ruslan,

How are things going?

How`s your day?

I am fine, enjoying my holidays. Probably, it`s the last summer when I don`t work. I graduate from university the next year and I have to work hard.

I am an «eternal student» because when I was 18, I entered the Medical academy (possibly, I told you about it, sorry, if I repeat), but everything was horrible at the institution. The academy was horribly corrupted, students received good marks only because of their money, many students were not of my social circle (I am from teachers` family, my father is a university teacher, my mother is a primary school teacher, and my grandma is a secondary school teacher). All the guys, who studied there, were so called «gilded youth», lazy and idle rich young people. I hated them and hated university teachers, because I crammed every day, I studied a lot, I was really a hard-working student, but they did not appreciate that. They needed money, they needed someone from movers and shakers of the world to give them excellent marks. I decided to drop out from the Academy, and about 3 years later I entered the Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University. Now I am doing my Bachelor degree. The specialization is called «Linguistics: The Theory and
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I have a lot of happiest memories, but my happiest is when my family circle and I were celebrating New Year. It was in 1994. I was 4 years old. Everything around me was glittering, the New Year Tree was amazing, the diner was the most mouth-watering I have ever had. But all these things are trifles, because I am in love with this moment most of all my family members: my father, my mother, my grandmother, my uncle, and brother were with me. My parents were young, my brother was healthy, my grandma was alive. It`s so sad, because my grandmother passed way in 2014. I remember that holiday dinner in details, everything was awesome and spectacular. I was on cloud nine and I got asleep at my mum`s

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