Diversity In Language

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Writing in speaking has become a prefer manner know to be a privilege. There has been many different styles of writing and language. However, the social justice established and dictated the styles of writing that are supposed to be used. On the other hand, social justice limits the writing styles for dominate cultures. These two author Richard Lederer and Susan Naomi Bernstein presented a lot of facts and details about the way that social justice privilege the writing styles and language presented.
Social justice makes current system of education units in ways which students are able to express themselves. Many students have different ways of learning how to write and express themselves through their writing. Some student may write passionate
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Language is communicate in the way that student talk to one other. Language comes in many different styles and formats. Lederer an author who written this quote “do not try to change your language into the kind of English that nobody really speaks. Lederer is an author very passionate about the English language. He makes it known that language is your own uniqueness that it defines you for you and separate you from other people. You should not to be limited to speak or express yourself through someone else language. Keep your language for that is what make you so different and set you aside from everybody else. Embrace your different language culture for that is what make you so creative. Which his quote that Bernstein written in her article “instead, these student found imaginative writing to be critical means of speaking back to their situation.” Bernstein is experience how student become critical thinkers through their writing. How they use their difference in language and express their true feelings. How the student show that they are very amazing level writers. How they just need to express themselves through their own language. The two author Bernstein and Lederer quotes relates to each other because they both see the true meaning of diversity language. They both know that different language helps the different people stay unique and not become one. Language and culture plays a huge part in many student life. This student have to hide behind closed doors because if they write the wrong way they are liable to not even pass the class that they are in. How can you punish student of different culture and

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