1. How Does Linguistic Diversity Influence Classroom Performance

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Basically, There four three main problem with Maria summarized by Mr. Bennett. Did not be school on time, might cause by flexible school time before; not able to complete reading assignment (poor reading skills), might cause by different language use; trouble with all subject (poor academic skills), might cause by different course schedule; and unable to contact with parents (never responds), might cause by language or not familiar with different types of electrical products.
How does linguistic diversity influence classroom performance?
Linguistic might cause unskilled language in different ways like reading writing and speaking. The children cannot perform what they want if their English is not proficient.
What impact do culture and language
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It just naturally formed after we made contact with all groups of people.
• Do I believe my values and attitudes are superior to those of other groups?
No. I believe each values have their own reason. We are just different from each other.
• What types of interactions do I have with individuals from cultural groups that are different from my own?
We can be more complementary. Like focus on different thing in the same question, eventually most of will in good company.
Perspectives and Resources Page 4: Communication
Answer the questions associated with the videos
During class, some students participate in the discussions while others sit silent. Could cultural values and beliefs about sharing personal opinions determine participation? Why or why not?
Yes it could. Research does indicate that some groups come from more of an indirect style in their way of communicating, and others are more direct. So groups that are more direct, for example African Americans, are more likely to speak up than others.
You’re engaged in conversation with a student who repeatedly interrupts you. Explain why this behavior could be culturally acceptable for some students. What could you do if this happened in your
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1. Why is it important for teachers to reflect on cultural and linguistic diversity?
Because be more understanding of cultural differences in the classroom can help to lead teachers to choose better instructional methods that may well meet the needs of their students.
2. Explain the difference between BICS and CALP. Why is it necessary for teachers to understand the distinction between these two types of language proficiency?
Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) are language skills needed in social situations. It is the day-to-day language needed to interact socially with other people. CALP refers to formal academic learning. This includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing about subject area content material. This level of language learning is essential for students to succeed in school. Students need time and support to become proficient in academic areas. For teachers we need to know it is possible for linguistics handle the BICS but not well for the CALP.

3. In the Challenge, Mr. Bennett wrote notes home to Maria’s family. Why might this have proved problematic? What other options might you recommend to Mr. Bennett for communicating with Maria’s

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