Reflection Of Learning Throughout The Foundation Of Higher Education Study Skills

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Using appropriate literature I will be analysing and evaluating on what I have learnt throughout the module of combined studies. In this piece of writing I will focus the knowledge and personal experience gained at this module.
The module is a Foundation of Higher Education Study Skills programme where you get to study a combination of different subjects. I choose this pathway as I found it to be the right route to enter into university.

Awareness of good study practice
I am continually learning new skills each day. However, personally I found revision and note-making as the best source of a good study practice. This is because it allows you to have notes to go through when at home. I am glad that I have gained most of my revision
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Adequate research skills is a valuable skills to have which saves time that spent on reading different variety of books and also obtaining a good quality research which increases in gaining a high marks for the work researched.
When planning to carry out a research for an academic piece of work is mainly important to look for and identify the key words that can provide you with formative information. The key words can be short but provide you with a depth details of topic chosen/given when researching. By focusing on the quality and content of the research is vital to consider on the kind of information needs to be included and type of tool to be used.
A library is a good place to look for piece of information that is valid and reliable. Library has various resource available that can enable to search for primary sources that has up to date information and provide you with a possible referencing to your assignments/source.
Library makes easy for students to access information as its catalogues such as journals, peer reviewed articles as well as its wealth of online access like electronic resources which are suitable in academic study at
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I feel that the knowledge gained from completing this course will aid my learning in the future. This module in particular made my feel part of a group.
Within context of this group works included an online group discussion through Mole and face to face group meetings at the library. I liked best the online discussion as it made easier to exchange files and opinions to complete group tasks. In the eyes of Freeth, (2005) “Electronic communication can be a positive alternative to time consuming face to face meetings”, so the internet online discussion saved us from meeting trouble.
In additional, the online discussion became very handy when we were preparing for the poster or group wiki. This was a group effort as all the students contributed the best ideas they had at the end, although some took time and resulted other member to be stuck and be un able to make decision for all, as the whole groups ideas and opinion were counted. This is supported by (ref). Eventually the group managed to organised and put together all suggestions and produce healthy poster or group wiki with all the task requirement.


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