Importance Of A Succession Plan

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From this project, I learned what a succession plan was and why it is important for companies and organizations to have them in place for their future success. I also learned that for a group this size it is incredibly important to have good communication. When everyone is constant communication with each other it ensures that miscommunications do not happen and that the project can be done in and efficient and effective manner.
From this project, I learned that it is important for a company to build a SWOT analysis to describe its strength, ease its weaknesses, take advantage of its opportunities and combat any threats an organization might face. I also learned the importance of having a succession plan in an organization.
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I learned positions inside the organization relate back to the mission and vision statement. I also learned that working with a group requires good planning and communication. When it comes to the workplace you must have good communication because without it you could hold your business back from truly being great. You will also be letting down your fellow peers, if you have poor communication. It is better to be upfront about an issue or a problem then not say anything at all and let the business fail.
One of the lessons that I learned from this project is that communication plays a big part on completing any task. I think our group did this effectively and it shows in our work. Also, what I learned is that planning is the first and most important thing a group should do when completing a project.
This project was very unique in a way that allowed for individuals of different backgrounds to come together a develop and create a company unlike no other. I was able to better communicate and manage priorities within a team, from deliberating ideas to understand the brainstorming process. Developing this conceptual idea of a business plan was so new to me from the job description to the succession plan, allowed for me to better familiarize myself with a vision and mission statement which I felt is crucial and vital to any business or

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