Ece 511 Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Copying is a serious offence which attracts a severe penalty and must be avoided at all costs. If any learner transgresses this rule, the lecturer will retain the assignments and ask the affected learners to resubmit a new assignment which will be capped at 50%. 5. Use the Harvard referencing method.

You have been appointed by the CEO of an international telecommunications company to make a short presentation to the board of directors about the benefits of using a management-by-projects approach on the company’s next project. Your short presentation (written) should consider the following:
1.1 Explain what project management is, and why it is different to other forms of management.
1.2 Explain how project management can be applied to your company’s projects.
1.3 Point out the trend towards professional project management and your local project management society/ association who are supporting certification.
1.4 Outline the role of the project manager.
1.5 Suggest a small pilot project on which you can develop your project management systems.

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3.4 Information back-up and post disaster retrieval (5)
3.5 Post disaster communication plan (5)

4.1 During the definition phase of a project, it is important for management to design and develop a management system to support the project. Discuss the importance of each system. (10)

4.2 The feasibility study offers the project manager and management student a framework to assess the feasibility of a project against predefined parameters. Consider a Public Private Partnership (PPP), or BOOT (Build Own Operate and Transfer) project to (select a project): * Refurbish and operate the London Underground * Build and operate a toll road or toll bridge. * Build and operate a power station.

For each selected project structure your presentation to include the following:
4.2.1 Identify the key stakeholders and determine their influence on the project.
4.2.2 A key function of the feasibility study is to confirm that you can make the product or perform the service. Outline the build

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