Reflective Essay: The Miracle Of Mindfulness And Practice

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In the middle of this semester, each of us is asked to choose a type of meditation from the book The Miracle of Mindfulness and practice that specific meditation we chose for around two weeks. Being mindfulness means one should be completely aware of what he or she is doing. The book uses the example of washing dishes to illustrate mindfulness. When you are washing dishes, you should be aware of you are washing dishes. If instead, you are thinking about drinking a cup of hot coffee after finish dishes washing, you are not alive during the time you are washing dishes.
The practice I choose to do is a slow-motion bath. The reason why I would like to do this exercise is simple. I have to take shower every day regardless of whether I need to practice
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I feel peaceful when I am taking the shower. However, this feeling was not able to keep for a long time. When I am taking shower and doing meditation, I am able to put things away, but this peaceful only exists during the meditation exercise. Right after I put on clothes, stop trying to be conscious of my movements, and stop meditation, even when I am still standing in the bathroom, all kinds of thoughts immediately come to my mind just like the meditation exercise never exists.
Although I know meditation is a long-term project that people need to consistently practice to see the effect, it was actually a little frustrating for me when practicing for a couple of days but could not see the result. Wednesdays and Thursdays are usually my busiest days in a week. I actually had the thought one day to stop the slow-motion shower for one day and take a real quick shower because there are lots of things waiting for me to do. Fortunately, I didn’t stop. I was not sure if there is any influence that I didn’t notice. Perhaps something is happening
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As the number of practice increases, I surprisingly realize the effect of meditation becomes noticeable, gets stronger, and keeps for a longer time. I was easy to be distracted by the external environment when I am studying or doing my own other works. However, when I start to do my work after the shower, I find myself able to be more focused on my task than before. In addition, I realize that I am able to calm myself faster. It is surprising that I just practice meditation for just less than two weeks and the effects of it has already shown up. The influence I see strong encourages me to keep practicing as I know I am getting more efficient, more relax and calmer. The “extra” time spend on taking shower and meditation is not worthless.
Although I can’t tell what the long-term influence of this practice is since I only practiced for two weeks, I can say it already helped me to calm my mind more quickly and be more focus on things I am doing. During the practice over these days, as I am the kind of people who are thinking about impending things all the time, one of the most difficult parts for me is to keep my mind clear from those things when taking showers and just focusing on my movements, on the water, and on every part of my skin. Once I overcome this problem, the meditation practice goes more

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