Personal Diet Analysis Sample

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It is hard to make smart choices when it comes to eating healthy, the key for success is ‘Moderation.” According to MyPlate Daily, everything you eat and drink matters ( By recording my food in a 24 hr. period, I was able to create a Personal Diet Analysis, as well as goal to stay within the recommended amounts stated by MyPlate.
First, I ate 1 slice of 100% whole wheat bread (1 oz.) and 1 cup of quinoa (2 oz.). The recommended amount from MyPlate for grains is 8 oz. per day. I consumed 3 oz. of my grains in the 24 hr. period. My goal is to increase the amount of grains by 5 more ounces a day. It is recommended that half of the daily grains be whole grains. Always going to the 100% wheat products while shopping is what has helped me stay within the limits. I will however, be looking up a variety of grains to add to help me with my daily goal; like cereal, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta. Next, I ate 1-½ cups of Salad, garden, lettuce, tomato and carrots, ¼ cup of Spinach, raw, 1 cup of baby carrots, ¼ cup of tomato, ¼ cup of onion, and ¾ cup of sweet potato. The recommended amount from MyPlate for vegetables is 3 cups per day. I consumed 4 ¾ cup(s) of vegetables over a 24 hr. period. My goal is to maintain the amount of vegetables on a
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The recommended amount from MyPlate for fruits is 2 cups per day. I consumed 3 cups of fruits in a 24 hr. period. My goal is do reduce the amount of fruits by 1 cup a day, while still focus on eating whole fresh fruits. I do also purchase most of my fruit from the local Farmers Market. This makes me successful in achieving my daily-recommended goal. This would be by far the hardest goal to achieve. I love fresh fruit, and having to reduce the intake, will be a challenge. I will however, try to have some pre-sliced vegetable available and consume them, in hopes to reduce my intake of fruit by the recommended

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