Reflection Essay: The Connection Between Color And Emotions

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Do colors and emotions have a connection? In our everyday lives, colors impact the way we feel without even noticing the connection. Color is an inseparable part of our lives that we tend to perceive things through. It has a deep impact on our emotions and feelings. We learn as we grow, especially in school, to associate colors with emotions. For instance, children in school learn that the color green is associated with being glad and red being associated with anger. Yet do they know that the color-emotion association can determine and set peoples mood without noticing it. Also, depending on the shade of the color whether it’s warm, saturated, unsaturated, sets the overall atmosphere. The connections between color and emotion are part art and part psychology. As humans, we are prone to associate emotions with color, the connection between the two is the simplest and most profound. …show more content…
Colors have a strong impact on the way we feel, our mood, and emotions. According to the article, “Relationship between Color and Emotion: A Study of College Students” by Naz Kaya and Helen Epps, ninety-eight students were asked to express their emotional responses to five principal hues (red, yellow, green, blue, purple), five intermediate hues (yellow-red, green-yellow, blue-green, purple-blue, and red-purple), and three achromatic colors (white, gray, and black) and the reasons for the emotion they felt. The color green reminds the students the color of nature which gave them positive feelings of relaxation and comfort. Now when green-yellow was shown to the students, it generated negative feelings because the colors were associated with vomit and evoked the feelings of sickness and disgust. The colors white, gray, and black evoked positive

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