Reflection Essay: Day Of Caring And Day Of Service

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In high school, I attended Klukwan School in the Chatham School District. My K-12 school had a population of 15 students, approximately one, sometimes two, students for each grade level. When I had reached my senior year, I was the only graduate. During my high school career, I maintained status on the high honor roll and received the title of being Student of the Month the first month of every school year for four years. I graduated as valedictorian in 2014. I was then accepted to the University of Alaska Southeast as a full-time student, pursuing an Undeclared, Bachelor Intended degree, also landing a part-time job at the UAS Financial Aid Office as an Office Assistant.
Not having a major in mind at the time of my acceptance, I spent my
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Those events were known as Day of Caring and Day of Service. During Day of Caring, I volunteered along with four other of my fellow AL-I members with the Helping Hands organization in Juneau. There, we spent the day organizing and cleaning a much neglected storage room. I enjoyed our act of volunteering as it made me feel more connected to the community, that, or it could have been I was simply glad we left those folks with a once-again functional storage room. During Day of Service, I volunteered along with one of my fellow AL-I members, two graduated AL-I members, and two other student volunteers to help at the AWARE shelter also in Juneau. That particular event occupied a short amount of time that day, but I could feel the significance that our assistance provided; it’s not always about providing your time, it’s showing that you care to help that can make the most of a …show more content…
In this program, myself and only four other carefully chosen students were given the opportunity to become more involved in our campus and community than ever before within AL-I. We all came into the group very eager to leave our mark at UAS and discover what kind of an inspiration we could leave to students long after the end of the launching semester. This past April, AL-I GOLD members and I presented personal projects at the Chancellor’s Cabinet meeting in which each of us worked all semester on. These projects were ideas we had individually come up with regarding campus life improvement. My presentation included highlighting the benefits of on-campus employment, and how more incoming freshman should consider working on-campus verses off. My plan for the upcoming school year is to transfer campus to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and complete their Pre-Nursing Qualifications Program. It has been my intention since I declared my interest in health science that I would pursue and complete my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. However, since UAS does not offer my degree of choice, they placed me in what they claimed was the closest program they had. At this time, I am unsure if I will complete my AAS with UAS, or move to complete the steps I need in order to pursue my

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