Reflection About Classroom Teaching Experience Essay

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Reflection About Classroom Teaching Experience
Being an educator is a challenge and a new learning experience each time. As an educator, I am entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the way students think and feel in the classroom. I have always wanted to be an educator and share my experiences with the new generation of nurses. When I was assigned to work with professor Lynette Rayman to do my classroom teaching experience, I was thrilled because the topic I chose was chronic kidney disease which also happens to be my area of expertise. I had to incorporate my previous learning experiences to make my presentation lively. In order to teach well, I needed to understand my subject matter and had to collect the required materials that would aid in my teaching process. I applied the Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning principles to set my student learning objectives. According to Krathwohl (2002), “It provides an organizational structure that gives a commonly understood meaning to objectives classified in one of its categories, thereby enhancing communication” (p. 218). Bloom’s Taxonomy helped me to determine the objectives, activities and assessment. It also helped me to consider the level of thinking required for the classroom instruction. As the students who were assigned to me were traditional juniors, they had a higher level of intellectual ability. I had to set my educational objectives to encourage students to process and formulate the care of patients with chronic kidney…

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