Recruitment And Selection Process Of Attracting And Selecting Candidates For Employment

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The recruitment and selection is the process of attracting and choosing candidates for employment ("What is recruitment and selection? definition and meaning," n.d.) Having an effective recruitment and selection process is important because it may reduce retention and turnover. You can match the right person with the job, and it helps employers understand the candidate better and having a proper analysis of them and their work experience. The recruitment and selection process includes the job analysis, job description, Person specification, advertising the position, filtering through the applications, the interview process, follow up selection methods, and finally the job offer. With that being said it is important to have a strong recruitment and selection process so that the best candidate can be selected. Some of the common flaws in the hiring process includes have poorly written job descriptions, using the same recruitment process, and having a long process. Though there are many other difficulties with the interview process those are the most common. To begin, job descriptions are a formal account of an employee’s responsibilities, and it is important because it helps both employee and employer get an understanding on what experience and skills are need for the specific job. Having a poorly written job description may affect the hiring process because it may attract the wrong candidates and possibly prevent good candidates from applying. According to article these…

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