Reasons Why People Lie

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People lie for many reasons in this world, because of the way their brain was trained and the psychological part of it, and depending on the person it could be for the better or worse. Our environment is where we pick everything up from so that contributes to how often a person lies and their reasons. Lies can become very complicated depending on the situation, there are different lies. People also lie because of the good of their heart whether they know if it’s bad or not because sometimes people don’t have a definition of the difference of the two. They want to avoid or fix something in the wrong way but the intentions are good because sometimes there is no right way. Other people don’t come from the same place, others lie to benefit themselves or obtain something; …show more content…
We all act on or say something due to our thought process and how we take thing and see things. There is a lot involved in our actions. Sometimes our brain is programmed to release different chemicals that make people act differently; in their head they don’t know what they’re doing when they lie Our brains connect the physical, emotional and thought process, they are all intertwined. Depending on views we believe we tell different lies they could be white lies, pure lies, or petty lies. White lies are lies that include the truth but not the whole truth they often stem from people who want to be honest or change and do it halfway. Pure lies are from compulsive people who act on the first
Thing that pops in their head. Weather that of a desire or wish or their own based off of things that their envious of. Then there is the petty lies which have to do with jealousy and wanting to receive a truth that will never be theirs. These people will act out of hate that was created from their past, people never know but we influence everyone with the things we do, say and

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