Why Is It Important To Tell A Lie

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“Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable”

Why do people always insist honesty is the best policy?
Honesty is valued extremely highly with good reason, it is praised, professional, and good for your health, we as a species should strive to be more honest to ourselves and the people around us. “Lies”, the word itself has an evil sound and feel that resembles a frightened snake ready to strike.

With its fangs bared, ready to spread its venom into the minds of the people around it, the lies spread from one person to the next like an epidemic. Just as yawns, laughter and your least favourite cold are contagious, so is lying, in an elementary school a child just hurt someone else, the harmed child is scared and will not speak up for themselves, and the abuser says, when asked something along the lines of “do you have any idea of who did this?” responds with scared eyes and a whole hearted shake of the head symbolizing his disgust with the idea of
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I build this journal entry on the remains of the “why lying is good” entry because all the arguments I could make ended up promoting honesty, then it clicked, with two thousand plus years of people with language, people that could lie, we as societies have two thousand plus years of experiences with lying that is remarkably reflected in the language that we speak now, the root words that sound evil or menacing have a reason for sounding that way for such a long time. “Lies” the word itself ends in a hiss, a hiss that accuses a presumed liar with such disgust, the same disgust that most people would have for the slimy limbless serpents that have so many similarities in society to the liars we despise, after all you wouldn't want to be surrounded by snakes that have the power to ruin your

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