Reasons Why Advertisements Are Made Essay

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There are two reasons why advertisements are made, to persuade consumer to buy a product or to support a cause. The ad is supposed to make you believe that you are better off with the product or supporting their cause. Demographics play a huge role in how an ad should look and make the consumer feel. Ads appeal to certain groups in the American Society, in order to do this ads display images that reflect the stereotypes in the American culture.
In America the ads depict the ideal woman, who has a small waist with larger breast and buttocks. Since the 1800s women have been represented in this way. The “pin-up girl”, was the name given to the women who were displayed in ads. They persuaded men to buy certain product or to signing-up to fight in American armed forces. Ads have always shown ideals of the American society, therefore portrayed women in provocative manner to capture the attention of men. In the history of American advertisements women have been objectified resulting in self-esteem and self-confidence issues that have led to an inclination of cosmetic surgery.
This ad is only a few years old made in September 2012 it depicts Katy Perry a holding two bags of Popchips over her chest with a caption reading, “nothing fake about ‘em” (Nudd). This phase is referring it to the recent inclination of cosmetic surgery among women. Over the past 18 years the number of cosmetic surgery procedures has gone from 2.1 million in 1997 to 9.2 million in 2011 (Cosmetic Surgery:…

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