Reasons Of Graduate Study Challenges And Strategies For Personal Success

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Gheorghe Caravelcov

Graduate Study Challenges and strategies for personal success.

The idea of returning to education, and obtaining master 's degree can be a challenge. I must discipline and to prepare for the obstacles that await me during all the program. It may be difficult and may appear desire to quit because the full-time jobs, time management, financial hardships, and of course because of stress. I learn to stay focused and keeping eyes in obtaining my Master 's degree in Health Care Administration. I will try to explain my personal and professional goals, reasons for pursuing a graduate degree, three challenges I will face in achieving my goals, strategies I use to overcome these challenges, which will mark
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I want to prove to myself that I can achieve this goal and that anything is possible. Obtaining my graduate degree will also teach my family on how to stay positive and focus and to never be afraid to chase after their dreams if they see me doing it. The career that I have working in the information technology field is a good rewarding career. I then find myself drained out from the hectic work schedule and not enjoying what I do.
This is why I am pursing my masters’ degree so that I can move into a new career field; advance my employment opportunities, and financial status. I know the master 's degree will help me to find a leadership position, so I will give my family financial stability.
Short-term goal and Long-Term
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I listen and pay close attention when other are speaking. When, I meet someone new I will repeat his or her name a couple of times so that I would not forget it. This will make them feel important the next time we meet and I remember their name. I do not interrupt or talk over someone in a conversation. I think this is very rude, especially if they are in the middle of telling a story, and they lose their train of thought because of the interruption.
Cook, S. G. (2013) says that people with high career wellbeing are twice as likely to have a thriving personal life. The people that have a balanced personal life with career spend time with people that share their goals and are using their strengths daily.

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