Reasons For North Won The Civil War Essay

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Reasons for North’s Victory in the Civil War Economic Capabilities, Lee’s and Grant’s Military Strategies, and the North and South Armies Many studies have been conducted by scholars to determine why the North won the Civil War. Many scholars believe that it has to do with the North’s efficient military strategies; however, there are more factors that contribute to the North’s victory. Hattaway and Jones (2001), scholars from the University of Illinois Press, suggest that the North had a stronger and more educated military. Russel (2001), a scholar from George Mason University, suggests that the North began to prosper financially during the Civil War and as a result, they were able to buy and produce more supplies such as weapons, food, clothing, etc. Griffith (1989), a scholar from Yale University, suggests that the North had more effective military strategies than the South. McPherson (1988), a scholar from Oxford University, suggests that Grant ended stalemate by burning the South’s resources until they were forced to surrender. In order to fully understand why the North won the Civil War, you must analyze the North’s and South’s economic capabilities, armies, military strategies, and how Grant ended stalemate and achieved victory. North’s and South’s Military The North’s military played a crucial role in determining the outcome of the Civil War. The reason it played a crucial role is because the North had a more…

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