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Gun control is always a hot topic in the headlines but it has been especially hot since the 2016 elections are upon us. Everyone wants to know what each of the candidate’s potion is on the topic of gun control. Well if you ask my opinion we are in desperate need of better and more regulations concerning guns. The amount of mass shootings that have occurred just over the past 30 years alone raises a high concern for better gun regulations. The fact that most of these mass shootings that have taken place involved legal weapons which is a huge red flag for more gun control. The high rate of suicides and homicides that coincide with guns is yet another reason for better gun control. Hello people we are clearly doing something wrong when most of …show more content…
For example Harvard Public Health states that “In 2010 in the U.S., 19,392 people committed suicide with guns, compared with 11,078 who were killed by others”. That is ridiculous that more people are dying from guns at their own hands. Suicides involving guns is the most lethal method of suicide there is. There are other leading methods of suicide such as drug overdose or razors but in most of these cases people can live and have the chance to get the help they need. But when guns are involved that is not the case you can’t unpull a trigger. Because it is so easy to get access to guns we raise the risk of suicide even higher (shown on chart below). If we had harsher gun regulations and less Americans that owned guns we could save so many lives and possibly give them the chance to get the help they need.

Gun control is so important to the life span of Americans. If we just made harder to obtain guns or in fact just did away with guns altogether you would see so much good come from it! Do not forget the numbers of people killed through shootings, homicides, and suicides by guns each year. You cannot tell me that their lives don’t outweigh your constitutional right! If you had the chance to cure cancer wouldn’t you? Well this nation’s cancer is guns and we have the cure we just choose not to use

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