Reasons For Choosing A Career Essay

1159 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
The reason I am choosing a career in nursing entails two important but different points. One that is based on practicality and the other one based on passion. Let me begin with the practical. It is evident everywhere that health care in the United States is crucial. With our aging population, ongoing serious illnesses and daily changes in the delivery of care; nursing will be in high demand and a very good business to make a career. In addition, due to a potential shortage of physicians, I believe there may be an increased need for quality nurses who are compassionate and well-trained. My long term goal is to earn my degree as a nurse practitioner which provides more opportunity for growth and career enhancement. The other, and maybe most important reason for choosing a career in nursing, is my compassion for people and the belief that without strong, competent and compassionate caregivers our quality of health care will be at risk. I am choosing to apply too Saint Luke’s College for many reasons. First, I am looking for a learning experience that will assist me in becoming a talented and strong nurse. In my research I found that Saint Luke’s College has one of the highest pass rates in the nation for the NCLEX. This tells me that nursing students are well trained and prepared for success in nursing. I understand the learning experience and methods utilized by Saint Luke’s College involve great variety for all types of learning styles which I believe is…

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