Real Life Heroes Essay

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Real Life Heroes Real life heroes are extremely important in everyone’s lives. They can motivate others to do great things, help people to realize what they are called to, and be an example to them. There are different types of real life heroes including historic heroes, public heroes, and unsung heroes. Historic heroes can influence what people do throughout their lives, they can help them figure out what they want to do, and they can also give people motivation toward a specific goal. Even though they may have been dead for centuries, heroes can speak through the span of years to tell the stories of their lives. One type of historic hero include heroes in politics such as presidents, governors, and senators. Abraham Lincoln is a fantastic …show more content…
They can be found in almost every town around the world. The unsung hero is just that, unnoticed and many times, unappreciated. One huge example of this is someone fighting cancer. Cancer is a major battle to overcome, and when someone does overcome it, they can be great examples of not quitting even when times become difficult. However; even cancer patients who unfortunately do not win the battle against cancer can still be wonderful examples of how to have joy even in the challenging periods of life. Another important example of unsung heroes are foster and adoptive parents. A foster or adoptive parent can make a life altering difference in a child’s life but oftentimes they do things without even a pat on the back. Foster and adoptive parents are incredible examples of how a normal person can give of oneself each and every day to help others. The final example of an unsung hero is any person who gives of themselves to help someone else in need or the Good Samaritan. A picture pops up in everyone’s mind when they think of a Good Samaritan, whether it is a neighbor who is willing to help out with almost anything or a good friend who always wants to lend a hand. No matter who it is, unsung heroes of everyday life change us

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