Reading And Writing Strengths

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Learning how to read and write played a major role in my life. Learning how to read and write falls in everyday life. I feel like reading and writing is the best steps for me to gain knowledge about life, but at the same time it was hard for me because I had many obstacles standing in my way, and I still have obstacles in front of me. Even though, I have those obstacles in my way, I’m going to still climb over them. Even though, reading and writing is one of my greatest weaknesses I still try to do my best because I know it will help me in the long run. Over the years I was able to find many methods to develop my reading and writing by being more sociable with my professor and put in the hours of hard studying. I start reading and writing at a young age, I learned how to read and write around the age of five, but growing up I had my pro’s and also my con’s. At the same time, I was happy that I was developing new skills, but it was very hard for me. I wasn’t a big fan of reading and writing. And it showed though out my English classes. Outside of school, I really didn’t have nobody to show me how to read and write. My mother …show more content…
There appears to be such a variety of different things to do with one 's chance. Reading and writing what makes people more knowledgeable. Some people just think you need reading and writing for certain jobs but they are wrong. Read and writing what keeps society to become more advance. Image a world without reading or writing, it’s strange just by thinking of the that. Also I realize reading and writing sometimes got some to do with your background. It’s a lot of cases where it was hard for student to read and write because of their background. But sometimes you get that small percent where it doesn’t matter what’s your background. But most of all don’t give up on reading and writing. It shapes you into the adult you want to become and what future career you want out of

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