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Tackling Top Teen Problem – Prescription Drugs
Reaction Paper 1
By Jessica Lieurance

Being the parent of an 8, 9, and 10 year old, I was in total shock reading this article. You can imagine the fear that struck my gut when I read kids are starting to abuse prescription drugs as early as the age of 12. How does a 12 year old get access to prescription drugs? Well, the answer to this question was less shocking but equally disturbing. This article was an eye opener and a learning lesson for me. Not only do we, as parents, have an obligation to be involved in our children’s lives, we also must gain awareness to the dangers that surround them outside of our homes. Everyone knows that illegal drugs are a threat to our children on a
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So, why don’t we offer these programs at this grade level? I think children in these grades would benefit even more from this type of program than an elementary child. But it shouldn’t stop there. Why not put a Substance Abuse Counselor in the schools too? These children should have someone they can go to, who specialize in this area, to get help. And while we are at it, we should also mandate that all teachers be trained in recognizing the signs of drug use and abuse. If our children are being supervised by these staff members for 8 hours of the day, then they should be able aware of the issues that are going on in the school and the dangers our children are subjected to. No parent knows if and when a child is going to decide to “try” a prescription drug. All we can do is try to prevent it. I honestly believe that there are many parents who are “in the dark” about this issue. I was one of them. When I sit back and think about it, it seems a little clearer as to why. Not too long ago I fell and hurt my back. I went to the doctor, had some x-rays taken, and walked out with a prescription for pain killers and muscle relaxers. Nothing was broken and after 4 days I didn’t need the medication any longer, so I stopped taking them. Now that I think back on it, that doctor never asked me if I had a drug abuse problem. He never asked if I had ever been addicted to drugs. He never warned me of the possibility of becoming addicted to these

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