Reaction Paper: Was Marx Wrong?

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Karl Marx was an influential character of history, a man of tremendous intelligence as well as a great inspiration to many philosopher s and people past and present. Karl Marx was a man of action for the less fortunate class, in that sense his theories are not wrong, to a certain extent they are positve inquisitions. It is those whom have practiced Marx theories that have misinterpreted his works giving Karl Marx a negative demeanor. Specifically Lenin and Stalin are two leaders who have brought shame to the works of Karl Marx and make this philosopher seem like a barbarian.

" Marx is a humanitarian because he took the side
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Although his works were intended to inspire individuality, after his death his theories were translated into totally different terms. Marx's abstarct philosophies were mutilated and translated into brutal fact by such leaders as Lenin and Stalin. These utopian leaders or dictators adopted the word of Marx in an evil form. Marx himself did not intend for the theories and teachings that he set up to become the terms of those who were going to abuse them, Marx's communist ideas were far different. Overstreet states," Communism took a wrong turn with the advent of Lenin and Stalin." Lenin took Marxist ideas and made them into ideals of "Partyism". By doing this Lenin convinced the proletariat class that all classes lying benaeth should be expelled from any freedoms as well as exploitting this class to do as he pleased, he manipulated Russian society to his liking, the exact opposite of Marx's beliefs. The regime of Stalin And Lenin were based upon the misconstrued theories of Marx polocies intention. These two men are the reason why some believe Karl Marx to be the father of Communism, they took his writtings, studies, and teachings to a level where they

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