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Week 3: Reaction Paper – “The Glass Menagerie”

ENG/120 / Charles Zeitvogel
July 11, 2011
University of Phoenix

In first reading “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, I did not think it would be something I would be interested in. However, while I continued to read, I continued to become more and more attached to the characters and drawn into the play. The use of the narrator, Tom Wingfield, who is also a main character in the play, was wonderful. I really enjoyed the parts where he was speaking to the audience and Amanda would call him in and he would answer, look to the audience, and walk onto the scene. In my opinion, that made the connection with Tom even bigger for the audience. Tom is the working man of the
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When Amanda finally persuades Tom to invite someone from work to come for dinner, it is ironic that it happens to be the one and only boy Laura ever liked. Amanda has flashbacks of her “glory days” with all her gentlemen callers and her dresses and flowers. All the while Laura is becoming physically ill with the thought of Jim O’Conner coming over. However, after dinner Jim goes in to sit with Laura and during conversation, helps Laura fit in. She talks to Jim about her glass collection and shows him her favorite, the unicorn. Jim talks Laura into dancing and during dancing, accidentally knocks the unicorn over, breaking its horn off. Laura then finds out Jim is engaged to be married. The glass unicorn is symbolic of Laura being different. It is also symbolic as it was the only one Laura had, just as Jim was the only boy Laura ever liked. It was ironic that Jim knocked over the unicorn breaking its horn off. That moment symbolized Jim breaking Laura’s heart when he told her of his engagement. After Jim leaves, Amanda bursts out at Tom for making her and Laura look foolish. She insists that he must have known Jim was engaged because he thought of him as his friend. In addition, that night the lights went out, due to Tom not paying the light bill. He has used that money for his dues with the merchant marines. The lights going out

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