Raising My Virtual Child Is A Very Interesting Experience For Me

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Raising my virtual child was a very interesting experience for me. I had a little girl and I named her Anna. She was early and had a low birthweight but other than that she was completely healthy. The program made the decisions that I had to make very realistic. There were issues and decisions in everything from development to how I disciplined my child. I think this is a very cool idea for classes like ours. It gives you a hands on approach to the things we were learning in class.
Anna was relatively smart her cognitive abilities were normal for the most part. Anna’s scores throughout most of her life were the same when it came to her different areas of cognition. Her levels on language comprehension and production were average in range and slowly climbed higher as she got older. Her strong suits were music and English. She was ahead of the game at several points in life in those areas. Anna struggled with math skills, and problem solving. This continued through high school for her, but they were not bad enough to hinder her education. Her temperament was slow to warm. She was timid but once she got to know you she was fine. Her personality was a little finicky, and more introverted but not to the extent that she didn’t enjoy others company. I think that her temperament is due to the lack of socialization that she had at first. Also her being ahead in cognitive abilities might have had something to do with how much interaction that I gave her.
Her temperament stayed…

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