Rain By Rain And Rain Essay

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Rain is refreshing. Rain is gloomy. Rain renews love and rain washes away love. For me, rain brought love and took it away. It gave me hope and left me heartbroken. I used to think that my partner and I were two rain droplets on a window that came together to become one as they slipped down the window. It did bring me great happiness and joy for a couple of years. During that time, I loved the rain. It signified my love story. Then one day my love left me and it rained all night. Rain is a two faced beauty that ended my love story with sorrow.
It was a hot, humid, rainy Saturday. My cousin was turning one, and his parents were throwing him a massive birthday party at a banquet hall. I was anxious all day because I was in charge of the party decorations and was running late. So as soon as I parked my car, I ran out of it with my high heels. My heels made a clicking sound as I ran through the parking lot with the strong winds blowing in my hair and rain droplets sticking on my black party dress. My nerves were taking the best of me minute by minute. Ignoring all the thoughts, I entered the banquet hall. It was dark and cold. I turned on the lights to see a huge empty room in front of me. The big white windows caught my eyes, as it was covered with thousands of rain droplets. They shined as they slipped down the glass becoming one. All of a sudden I heard the door behind me shut. I panicked as I thought all the guests were arriving and quickly turned around at be mesmerized…

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