Racism : The United States Right Now Essay

1041 Words Feb 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Racism is a very hot topic in the United States right now; I find it to be a very sensitive subject for many people and is widely talked about. Racism in America today tends to be a concern for blacks, Muslims and Mexicans in America. Today we are widely talking about different social movements; like black lives matter, Muslim lives matter and Latino lives matter. All face different problems in the eye of many different Americans.
Throughout America the most widely talked about race regarding racism are the blacks. In some opinions it is seen that the worth in blacks is less than the whites. While both blacks and whites, as well as other races, are in the news because of crime, it seems to be more common for blacks to be in the news for being shot while unarmed. It seems to be more common that black men, women, and children have been shot, or at least brutally injured by police officers when they were not armed or a threat. Yes, these could be hate crimes and cops are getting away with racism regarding a certain race in this instance blacks.The outcome of this regarding racism is that many people see it as being very racist and many protests have begun because of this issue. It is seen in some eyes that these officers are getting away with actual murder and that they are not doing their job correctly but simply using their badge as a way to enforce the law the way they see it, which could be racist. This issue is seen by all sides of the race spectrum and all have…

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